Best Holiday Bedding Sets 2020

Best Holiday Bedding Sets 2020

 Cindi - Blogger Spotlight - Home decor

Cindi is a home decor blogger at @themustardseed205 and is Featured in our Blogger Spotlight for this Season. Her style is impeccable, artistic and eye-catching. 

She has picked out her 5 Favorite Holiday Bedding Sets that would make your bedroom a magical haven. 


1.The Ultra Soft Coverlet is simply perfect for your holiday bedroom makeover. It comes in two neutral colors which will pair well with reds and greens or your holiday choice of accent color. It’s buttery soft and perfect for those of you who like a light topping on your bed! It drapes like a dream!

White bedding set

2.The Kasentex stone washed bed set is Perfect for your farmhouse Christmas setting. It comes in rich colors, great for winter and I absolutely love the stone washed Gray to go with all my holiday favorites.

Christmas Bedding

3.The Kasentex prewashed quilt set with the diamond stitch design draws me in in this rich brown color! Perfect for your warm and cozy holiday bedroom redecorate!

Brown bedding set

4..Proof that warm and brown is my cozy vibe for this year‘s holiday bedding, I’ve chosen the plush and ultra soft Sherpa quilt set in taupe to treat my guests in cozy home style.

Velvet Holiday Bedding

5.I love the pre-washed Technique quilt set with the diamond design for your holiday remake because it comes in vivid red! What better way to welcome the holidays then with the richest color Christmas has to offer! Style it up with neutrals and whites and you’ve got the perfect bed set to take you through the entire winter season!

Red Quilt Set Winter


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