Everything You Need To Know About Coverlet

There used to be a time when bedding only meant mattresses and pillows. But with time, the bedding options have widened and the overall bedding has become more comfortable and cozy. Now, if you want to prepare your bedding then you have multiple options and you can easily customize your bedding by choosing what you like and what makes you feel comfortable. But one of the most important things that must be a part of your overall bedding is the coverlet. 

Coverlets might have been in existence for a long period of time but many people still consider this as an alien bedding option. Well, this is because many people haven’t understood the application, benefits, and use of a coverlet set. Well, if you have been looking forward to exploring the world of coverlets for a long time then you have come to the right place. 

In this blog post, we will discuss all that you need to know about coverlets in a detailed manner. 

What Is A Coverlet?

In layman language, a coverlet is simply a lightweight bed cover. They are considered ideal for the warmer season since they aren’t as heavy as comforters and the best part is that they have a small amount of filling for enhancing comfort. If you are on the hunt for a comfortable bedding option during the summer season then a coverlet can be your best option. 

Sizes, Types, And Use Of Coverlets 

Since the coverlet has become a new normal for many people, nowadays, you can find many coverlet sizes in the market. And with the popularity of coverlets increasing at a fast pace, manufacturers are coming up with different sizes, designs, prints, and colors to cater to any preferences. 

In addition to this, there are several types of fittings available in the market. Some coverlets look like a traditional throw blanket while draping alongside the bed while others are designed to fit like a glove on the mattress. 

If you choose a more fitted coverlet for your bed then it will give a fancier look and these designs and styles are generally used for the purpose of decoration. But it can be difficult to make the bed with such coverlets and therefore, you should use them only in guest rooms.

Coverlets are highly versatile as in addition to being used as simple bed cover, they can be used year-round in the form of a decorative mattress topper. In addition to this, you can use coverlets even as duvet sets for providing extra warmth. 

How To Use Coverlets?

Coverlets are pre-filled, thin bedding, and they are used mainly for covering the surface of the bed along with the side of the box spring. The coverlets are becoming a popular bedding option for all those people who are looking for a sophisticated and modern bedroom look. Coverlets are thin yet stylish and that’s why they act as an ideal canvas for any type of bedroom. 

Many people prefer adding a stylish coverlet to their existing bedding, allowing the coverlet to act as a topper instead of a simple bed cover. Adding a coverlet to existing bedding is a perfect touch, especially for layered bedding. 

Coverlets are too thin to be used as a sole bedding topper and therefore, you should always pair them with sheets or blankets as this makes the bedding more comfortable. But if you live in a warmer climate and need average warmth at night then coverlets will be enough. 

Difference Between Coverlet And Quilt

At first glance, both coverlets and quilts might look similar as they both are thin bedding options and they both come in a wide variety of designs, colors, and shapes. But quilts and coverlets are two different bed cover options. 

All the quilts have a layer of padding in between the two outer layers of fabric and the bedding is stitched together to give the unique quilt look. But in the case of coverlets, there are no multiple layers of insulation since it has a thin layer of prefilled batting and this is the only source of insulation.

Fabrication Of Quilt 

Since coverlets are highly versatile, they can be made with many types of fabrics like cotton, polyester, and even woven jacquards. Coverlets even come in a wide array of prints, color and therefore, you can throw a coverlet over the top of the blanket for just adding a pop of color. Don’t shy away from experimenting with different types of coverlets set in your bedroom. 

Coverlets might not be as old as mattresses, quilts, and other bedding items but in a short span of time, these thin bed covers have become highly popular. You just need to buy the right coverlet set and match the design, color, and pattern of the coverlet with what you already have in your bedroom. Kasentex offers a wide range of bedding options for you to choose from. Simply click here to browse through their website. 

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