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Fall Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Fall is in the air, do you feel that? I hope everyone is ready for sweater weather and pumpkin-flavored everything. The new season means it's time to clean up the house. This fall cleaning checklist will help you clean your bedroom!

Bedroom Cleaning
Days get shorter and nights get longer when fall comes around. Make sure your bedroom is clean and tidy for unwinding at night. Follow these 7  steps to clean your bedroom:

1. Rotate and vacuum your mattress 
Run the vacuum attachment across the top of your mattress, making sure to get down into cracks and crevices. You’ll also want to vacuum along the sides of your mattress.

2. Wash bedding – sheets, bed skirts, comforter, duvet cover, and change out for fall colors
This is obviously the easiest step. We all do it every 2 weeks, right? :)
3. Switch out summer bedding colors for fall colors to create a proper "autumn vibe" in the bedroom. 
You can also add some Halloween or just fall bedroom decorations to feel the "pumpkin-flavored everything" mood. 

Fall Bedding Set

4. Dust light fixtures, ceiling fans and blinds
Did you know, that light fixtures tend to be the final resting place for bugs? 🪲😨 And a dusty ceiling fan will spread particles every time you turn it on. This places should be cleaned at least 2 times per year.

5. Vacuum or wash curtains
Properly washed curtains contribute to the aesthetic of a room. Putting some time aside to clean your curtains can help make them last longer, too.

6. Dust furniture
Dusting, while making your home look better, also means a cleaner environment for your family. You are removing fallen particles and other contaminants, thus improving overall air quality.

7. Shampoo your carpets or mop flooring
Our carpets and floors always suffer the collateral damage of our busy, active lives, so let's provide them with a proper cleaning sometimes.

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