Styling Tips to Create Spring Bedroom

Styling Tips to Create Spring Bedroom

Spring season is here and so is the time to update and refresh our boudoir.  

Create a modern inviting space that reflects the new season and all that it brings along!

This is the time to welcome some colors and flowers back in your life and bedroom to get all those spring vibes.

Here are 5 things you can do to turn your home into a spring haven:

  1. Time to Update your bedding: Yes, it’s time to add some lightweight airy bedding sets to all your bedrooms. Designer stitched, dotted and prints like floral, geometric would add extra charm to your lovely haven. Some of the colors that would be trending this season are the shades of pink, blush, aqua greengraylavender.

floral bedding, spring bedding, pink bedding , blush

  1. Add some Lightweight Statement Throws: Put away those bulky throws and bring the colorful lightweight throws out. Add them to your living room couch, bedside or workplace to make your home all about spring goals! This season is perfect for cotton knitted throws.

throws, lightweight throws, colorful knitted cotton throws

  1. Change the Scent: Ok, it’s time to update those wintery marshmallow and cinnamon scents to florals. You can get some great deals at bath and body works on their 3 wick candles. We know that a great seasonal fragrance can make a lot of difference at home

candles, floral, spring scent

  1. Add Flowers: Wouldn’t you be happy to bring flowers back in your life! Well then add loads of spring blooms to every corner of your house. You can pick from daffodils, crocus, tulips to mix and match with your home décor and color scheme.

spring flowers, home decor

  1. Add Spring Décor: Time to put that little bunny décor on the side of the porch. You can also add colorful artworks and floral hanging and don’t forget to add lightweight curtains to complete your spring transformation.

bunny, home decor

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