Summer Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Summer Bedroom Decorating Ideas

   Summer is a beautiful season when our mind and bedroom need a little lightening up. It is also the perfect time to move away from the decor and design choices of the previous season and to get it ready for the second half of the year. Here are some easy summer bedroom ideas for you!

   1. Choose Summer Colors Palette

   The color palette for summer should definitely be lighter than your winter choice. Coastal colors such as summer white, sandy beige, beach pebble gray and water blue would be great. For those who prefer a garden palette: yellows, greens, pinks, or mauve will do!

White Kasentex bedding set
   2. Lighten Up The Room

   It's time to take off heavy comforters and blankets. Replace them with something lightweight and breathable. If you are a duvet lover, you can add a lighter summer weight duvet. Add a throw blanket or two to the bed and a side chair.

    3. Add Accent Pillows

One of the tips how to bring in layers of gorgeous color and pattern to a bedroom is to add some accent pillows. For patterns, stripes are perfect for summer! Pin stripes, awning stripes and chunky stripes all work! Incorporate yellow, blue, or deep green colors to your accent pillows.

Grey Kasentex bedding set with throw pillows
    4. Change Curtains

    Keep the carefree summer vibe by choosing curtains in fun colors like coral, turquoise or light green. These cheerful hues will add appeal to any room and are a fun way to experiment with new colors in home interior design. But make sure that the curtains match the style of the room!

     5. Add Plants Or Flowers

    Flowers are an undoubted attribute of summer, bewitching with their grace and enchanting smell. Head to your grocery store and pick up some fresh flowers, because a summer bedroom wouldn’t be complete with a bouquet of beautiful blooms.

Flowers in the vase near the bed

    There are so many ways you can change up your bedroom decor for the summer. From changing fabric types to adding brighter colors or changing out curtains, you’ll find tons of options.

    If you really love change, you can use these different style ideas for the whole house, making simple or elaborate changes all over – whatever best fits your style.

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